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The Estonian parliament (Riigikogu)
Chaiperson: Ene Ergma
Members: 101

Parliamentary groupUnion for the Republic - Res Publica
Information for the partyUnion for the Republic - Res Publica (Estonian: Ühendus Vabariigi Eest - Res Publica) is a political party in Estonia.
It is led by Juhan Parts, who is also Prime Minister, and is the second largest party in the State Council of Estonia, with 28 of 101 seats.

Parliamentary groupCentre Party of Estonia
Information for the partyThe Centre Party of Estonia (Eesti Keskerakond or Kesk) is a centrist, liberal party in Estonia. The Kesk is member of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party.
The party was founded on 12 October 1991, on the basis of the Popular Front of Estonia after several parties had split from it. The party's leader is Edgar Savisaar who is considered to be an authoritarian leader.
The party claims that its goal is the formation of a strong middle class in Estonia. It supports small enterprises. However, the support of the party is largely gained from pensioners believing in Savisaar's charismatic personality.

Parliamentary groupEstonian Reform Party
Information for the partyThe Estonian Reform Party (Estonian: Eesti Reformierakond) is a free market liberal party in Estonia. The party is a member of Liberal International and the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party.
It is led by Siim Kallas, and has 19 of 101 seats in the State Council.

Parliamentary groupPeople's Union of Estonia
Information for the partyThe People's Union of Estonia (Estonian: Eestimaa Rahvaliit) is a right-wing party that emerged from an agrarian party. The party is led by Villu Reiljan. It is the fourth largest party in the parliament (Riigikogu), with 13 of 101 seats; since 2003, the party is a member of the government coalition.

Parliamentary groupIndependent
Information for the party

Parliamentary groupFatherland Union
Information for the partyThe Fatherland Union or Isamaaliit is a conservative nationalist political party in Estonia.
The party was founded on 2 December 1995 by merging several former parties.
The party won the elections of 1999, and its leader Mart Laar became the Prime Minister.
The Fatherland Union is in opposition since 2002. The current leader of the party is Tunne Kelam.

Parliamentary groupSocial Democratic Party
Information for the partyThe Social Democratic Party (Estonian: Sotsiaaldemokraatlik Erakond), or SDE, is a political party of Estonia, led by Ivari Padar. It is a member of the Party of European Socialists and a member of the Socialist International.
It was formerly known as the Moderate People's Party (Rahvaerakond Mõõdukad), and as such secured 6 seats in the State Council in 2003. It was the most successful party in the 2004 European Parliamentary Election, obtaining 36.8% of the national vote and returning 3 MEPs.

unicameral parliament
faction: 101

factionUnion for the Republic - Res Publica
factionCentre Party of Estonia
factionEstonian Reform Party
factionPeople's Union of Estonia
factionFatherland Union
factionSocial Democratic Party