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The Hungarian parliament (Āz orszaghaza – National assembly)
Chaiperson: Katalin Szili
Members: 386

Parliamentary groupHungarian Socialist Party
Information for the partyThe Hungarian Socialist Party (Hungarian: Magyar Szocialista Párt) is a socialist party in Hungary. It is the successor to the communist Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party.
It is the largest single party in the Hungarian National Assembly at the moment, with 178 out of 386 seats; on a 42.1% share of the vote. It governs in coalition with the Alliance of Free Democrats, giving it a slim majority.
The party is a member of the Party of European Socialists and Socialist International. On last general elctions in April 2006 the party has won 43,21% of the votes.

Parliamentary groupFidesz – Hungarian Civic Union in coalition with Christian Democratic People's Party
Information for the partyThe Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union (in Hungarian: Fidesz – Magyar Polgári Szövetség) is a large conservative centre-right political party in Hungary; as of 2004 the most important one in the opposition.
It was founded in 1988, named simply Fidesz (Fiatal Demokraták Szövetsége, Alliance of Young Democrats), originally as a youthful libertarian party against communism. In the mid-1990s it realigned its political position into a conservative line where it is now, adding "Hungarian Civic Party" (Magyar Polgári Párt) to its shortened name. It took its present name in 2003, "Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union".
Before 2002 it, under leader and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, had governed Hungary in coalition with the smaller Hungarian Democratic Forum. It lost the elections to the Hungarian Socialist Party.
It was the most successful party in the 2004 European Parliamentary Elections, gaining 47.4% of the vote and electing 12 MEPs.
On last general elctions in April 2006 the coalition between Hungarian Civic Union and Christian Democratic People's Party has gained 42.03% of the votes.

Parliamentary groupAlliance of Free Democrats
Information for the partyThe Alliance of Free Democrats (Hungarian: Szabad Demokraták Szövetsége, or SZDSZ) is a liberal party in Hungary, led by Gábor Kuncze.
It was founded in November 1988 as an opposition party to the communists and draws support mostly from the middle classes, liberal intellectuals and entrepreneurs. Its heyday may be thought to have ended when it suffered heavy losses in the General Election in 1998, and in 2002 it scored only 5.5% of the vote, returning 20 deputies. It is, however, a coalition partner with the ruling Hungarian Socialist Party. In the 2004 European Parliamentary Election it recovered a little to 7.7% and elected 2 MEPs.
The Alliance of Free Democrats is a member of the ELDR and of Liberal International.
On last general elctions in April 2006 the party has won 6.50% of the votes.

Parliamentary groupHungarian Democratic Forum
Information for the partyThe Hungarian Democratic Forum (Hungarian: Magyar Demokrata Fórum), or MDF, is a conservative / Christian democrat political party in Hungary, led by Ibolya Dávid.
Before 2002 it was part of a coalition government with the larger Fidesz. It now has 24 seats in the National Assembly. In the 2004 European Parliamentary Elections it gained 5.3% of the vote and elected 1 MEP.
As of November 2004, the MDF has essentially split, with the majority of its parlamentary representatives ousted from the party under questionable circumstances. Several signs suggest MDF is abandoning its traditional moderate Christian-conservative agenda to seek stronger ties with MSZP, the large leftist party in Hungary.

Parliamentary groupJoint candidates MSZP-SZDSZ
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Parliamentary groupIndependent
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unicameral parliament
faction: 386

factionHungarian Socialist Party
factionFidesz – Hungarian Civic Union in coalition with Christian Democratic People's Party
factionAlliance of Free Democrats
factionHungarian Democratic Forum
factionJoint candidates MSZP-SZDSZ