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The parliament of Luxembourg (Chambre des Deputes)
Chaiperson: Lucien Weiler
Members: 60

Parliamentary groupХристиян-социална народна партия
Information for the partyThe Christian Social People's Party (Luxembourgish: Chrëschtlech Sozial Vollekspartei) is the largest political party in Luxembourg. It is led by Jean-Claude Juncker, who is the current Prime Minister, and governs in coalition with the *Luxembourg Socialist Workers Party (LSAP). Since the 2004 election, it has 24 of 60 seats in the Chamber of Deputies. Since WWII, the party has taken part in all coalition governments in Luxembourg with only one exception.

Parliamentary groupLuxembourg Socialist Workers' Party
Information for the partyThe Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (Luxembourgish: Lëtzebuergesch Sozialistesch Arbechterpartei) is a social democrat political party in Luxembourg, It is led by Jean Asselborn. During the 2004 election campaign, it attracted much derision for copying the Belgian Socialist Party's election program.

Parliamentary groupDemocratic Party
Information for the partyThe Democratic Party is a liberal party in Luxembourg, led by Claude Meisch who took over from Lydie Polfer. The party is a member of Liberal International and the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party.
From 1999-2004, it was the second largest party in the Chamber of Deputies, with 15 of 60 seats. During that time it was part of a coalition government with the Christian Social People's Party.
As a result of the elections of 2004, the DP lost 5 seats, bringing its total to 10, and also lost its place as the coalition part with the Christian Social People's Party to the Luxembourg Socialist Workers Party.

Parliamentary groupDéi Gréng
Information for the partyDéi Gréng (Luxembourgish) are the Green party in Luxembourg. Founded in 1983, the party split in 1986 to re-merge in 1995. Déi Gréng have had members in the Luxembourg parliament since they first ran in 1984. In the 2004 election they increased their number of representatives from 5 to 7 in the 60-strong Parliament and were a potential coalition partner of the conservative party.

Parliamentary groupAction Committee for Democracy and Pensions Justice
Information for the partyAction Committee for Democracy and Pensions Justice

unicameral parliament
faction: 60

factionХристиян-социална народна партия
factionLuxembourg Socialist Workers' Party
factionDemocratic Party
factionDéi Gréng
factionAction Committee for Democracy and Pensions Justice