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The Maltese parliament (House of representatives)
Chaiperson: Edward Fenech-Adami
Members: 65

Parliamentary groupNationalist Party
Information for the partyThe Nationalist Party or Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) is a Maltese political party. It was founded by Dr Fortunato Mizzi in 1880 as the Anti-Reform Party, opposing taxation decreed by the British colonial authorities and measures to Anglicanise the educational and the judicial systems. The presence of Italian refugees from the Risorgimento gave the party a liberal constitutionalist character (which caused friction between Mizzi and the Church in the Party's early days) and a pro-Italian stance which lasted until the Second World War.
In 1990 the government formally applied to join the European Community. A wide-raging program of liberalization and public investments meant the return to office with a larger majority in 1992. However, the party was defeated in the 1996 elections. The stint in opposition would last only 22 months as the government soon lost its one-seat majority. The party won the 1998 elections convincingly, a feat that was repeated in 2003 following the conclusions of accession negotiations with the European Union in 2002.

Parliamentary groupLabour Party
Information for the partyIt is led by Alfred Sant. The party last controlled the government under Sant from 1996 until 1998. The Labor Party advocated less intervention by the Catholic Church, and, after 1958, less intervention by Britain in Malta's affairs. It also advocated a socialist economic policy based on the rights of workers and trade unions. It obtained 3 of Malta's 5 seats in the 2004 European Parliament elections. In the European Parliament the Malta Labor Party's representatives belong to the Party of European Socialists. The Labor Party owns Super One TV, and Super One Radio.

unicameral parliament
faction: 65

factionNationalist Party
factionLabour Party