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The Slovenian parliament (Državni zbor)
Chaiperson: France Cukjati
Members: 90

Parliamentary groupSlovenian Democratic Party
Information for the partyThe Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) is a democratic political organisation which today associates the membership and the legal inheritance of the former Social-Democratic Union of Slovenia and the Slovenian Democratic Union - two powerful parties of the former DEMOS coalition which, after the defeat of the communist regime in the 1990 elections, carried out the democratization of Slovenia and led the quest for the gaining of Slovenian independence and international recognition of Slovenià.

Parliamentary groupLiberal Democracy of Slovenia
Information for the partyLiberal Democracy of Slovenia or LDS (Slovenian: Liberalna demokracija Slovenije) is the liberal and was the ruling political party of Slovenia from 2000 to 2004. The party is a member of Liberal International.
At the European election it got 21.9% which yielded 2 seats in the European parliament out of total 7 from Slovenia.

Parliamentary groupUnited list of Social Democrats
Information for the partyPrior to the 1992 general election agreements was reached between left-oriented political parties and groups on an electoral coalition under the name UNITED LIST as a coalition of socially oriented left centre parties. After a relatively good electoral result (14 deputies in parliament) three of the parties (SDP, the Workers' Party of Slovenia and SDU) decided to form a new associated party.
Thus in May 1993 a unification congress was held in Ljubljana at which bodies and the leadership of the new party were elected. The congress elected Janez Kocijancic president of the new party, which was named the UNITED LIST OF SOCIAL DEMOCRATS. The current leader of the party is Borut Pahor.

Parliamentary groupNew Slovenia Christian People's Party
Information for the partyNew Slovenia Christian People's Party (Slovenian Nova Slovenija Krščanska ljudska stranka) is a right-of-centre political party in Slovenia. In 2004 it is led by Andrej Bajuk and with 8 members of parliament forms part of an opposition in Slovenian parliament.

Parliamentary groupSlovene People’s Party
Information for the partySlovene People’s Party is the successor of the former Àll-people’s party. The party advocates right conservative values and principles.

Parliamentary groupSlovene National Party
Information for the partyA right-wing nationalistic political party in Slovenia.

Parliamentary groupDemocratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia
Information for the partyDemocratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (Slovenian: Demokratična stranka upokojencev Slovenije or DESUS) is a Slovenian political party, as of 2004 with 4 delegates in Slovenian Državni zbor and member of ruling coalition of Slovenia. The party declares itself as a vindicator of the rights of the Slovenian retired people. The party is led by Anton Rous.

Parliamentary groupIndependent
Information for the party

Parliamentary groupRepresentatives of the National minorities
Information for the party 1 representative of the Hungarian minority
 1 representative of the Italian minority

National council
faction: 90
Chaiperson: Janez Sušnik

factionSlovenian Democratic Party
factionLiberal Democracy of Slovenia
factionUnited list of Social Democrats
factionNew Slovenia Christian People's Party
factionSlovene People’s Party
factionSlovene National Party
factionDemocratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia
factionRepresentatives of the National minorities