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The Lithuanian parliament (Seimas)
Chaiperson: Artūras Paulauskas
Members: 141

Parliamentary groupLabour Party
Information for the partyThe Labour Party (Lithuanian: Darbo Partija), or DP, is a new political party in Lithuania. It was was founded in 2003 by the Russian-born millionaire Viktor Uspaskich.
In its first electoral test, the 2004 European Parliamentary Elections, it was by far the most successful party gaining 30.2% of the vote and returning 5 MEPs. It joined the group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.

Parliamentary groupHomeland Union
Information for the partyThe Homeland Union (Lithuanian Conservatives) (Lithuanian: Tėvynės sąjunga (Lietuvos konservatoriai)), or TS-LK, is a political party in Lithuania. It was was founded in May 1993 by the right wing of the Lithuanian Movement for Restructuring (Sajudis). Its current leader is former prime minister Andrius Kubilius.
It is conservative, a member of the International Democrat Union and the European People's Party.
After Lithuania's admission to the European Union it elected two MEPs in the 2004 European Parliamentary Elections, one of whom is Dr. Landsbergis.

Parliamentary groupSocial Democratic Party of Lithuania
Information for the partyThe Social Democratic Party of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuvos socialdemokratų partija) is the ruling political party in Lithuania, formed from the merger of the Democratic Labour Party of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Social-Democratic Party. The party is led by Algirdas Brazauskas..

Parliamentary groupLiberal and Centre Union
Information for the partyThe Liberal and Centre Union (Lithuanian: Liberalų ir centro sąjunga) is a liberal party in Lithuania, member of the Liberal International and the ALDE. It was formed in 2003 by a merger of the Liberal Union of Lithuania (Lietuvos liberalų sąjunga), the Centre Union of Lithuania (Lietuvos centro sąjunga) and the Modern Christian-Democratic Union (Moderniųjų krikščionių demokratų sąjunga).
The combined party is led by Artūras Zuokas has 38 members in the Seimas. In the 2004 European Parliamentary Elections it gained 11.2% of the vote and returned 2 MEPs.

Parliamentary groupPeasants and New Democratic Party Union
Information for the partyThe Peasants and New Democratic Party Union (Lithuanian: Valstiečių ir Naujosios demokratijos partijų sąjungos), or VNDS, is a conservative political party in Lithuania led by former Prime Minister Kazimiera Prunskienė.
In the 2004 European Parliamentary Elections it gained 7.4% of the vote and returned one MEP.

Parliamentary groupLiberal Democratic Party
Information for the partyThe Liberal Democratic Party (Lithuanian: Liberalų Demokratų Partija) of Lithuania is a populist party led by Valentinas Mazuronis. It was formed in 2002 as a splinter group from the Lithuanian Liberal Union (the remainder of which subsequently merged in the Liberal and Centre Union).
In the 2004 European Parliament Election it received 6.8% of the national vote and elected one MEP.

Parliamentary groupNew Union (social liberals)
Information for the partyThe New Union (social liberals) (Lithuanian: Naujoji sąjunga (socialliberalai)), or NS, is a social liberal party in Lithuania. The NS is member of tthe European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party and is a n observer at Liberal International. It was founded in 1998 and is led by Arturas Paulauskas.
Its policy is based on the social liberal ideology, the principal values of which are personal freedom, social solidarity, welfare of people and justice.
In 2000 it formed a coalition government with the Liberal Union, and in 2001 a new coalition with the Social Democrats.

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faction: 141

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