Issue ¹ 1 (June 2004)
2007 magazine, first issue THE LIBERALISM


The liberalism: theory and practicies

The political life of one idea

The liberal though in economics

Liberal ideas in Bulgaria; tradition and contemporaneity

The suffered liberalism. The bulgarian endeavour - the prime-minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotta, position about Bulgarian experience in implementing the liberal ideas (article dedicated to the 25th anniversary of ELDR Party);

The membership of Bulgaria in the EU and NATO as a opportunity for the liberal politics to realize its potential - an interview with the vice-prime-minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Plamen Panayotov.

European liberal priorities for political season 2004 - 2009 in the context of the European Parliament elections;

Objectives, structure and rules of procedure of the European Liberal and Reform (ELDR) Party;

The united Europe is the main mission of ELDR – an interview with the president of the European parliament Pat Cox;

History and present priorities of the Irish liberal party “Progressive Democrats”;

Analysis of the reasons behind the “Irish economic miracle” from the last decade and examining the possibilities for implementation of the Irish economic model in Bulgaria;

The 75th anniversary of the German politician and scientist Mr. Ralf Dahrendorf;

The President of Foundation “Support for the deaf”, Ms. Tania Todorova, position about the partnership between the state institutions and NGOs and the role of this partnership for the development of civil society in Bulgaria (interview).

Issue ¹ 1 (June 2004)
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Issue ¹ 2 (November 2004)
“2007” magazine, second issue – WOMEN IN POLITICS

Liberalism: theory and practices:

The road to equality. Genesis of movement for women’s rights and emancipation

On focus:

Women in politics – the Bulgarian context and European perspectives

Cornelia Pieper
General secretary of the German Free democratic party – liberals (FDP)

Exclusive for the “2007” magazine:
Cornelia Pieper: There should be more women with high self-confidence in EU

Liberal world:

Women participation in politics – facts and figures

Representation of women in national parliaments – global tendencies

Exclusive for the “2007” magazine:
The winner of the 2003 Nobel Prize in peace – Shirin Ebadi inspires women all over the world in their struggle for equal rights

The promotion of human rights is the only competent way to solve the problem with untrue believes

European liberal practices:

Equal opportunities for man and women: the liberal perspective

“2007” presents:

Women - world leaders

Young talents


“Women are worthy competitors in politics”
Snejina Chipeva, chairlady of the Women liberal network


A competition for internship at the Liberal politological institute:

Contemporary dimensions of liberal politics – the challenges in front Bulgarian liberalism at the time of accession in European Union.
Issue ¹ 2 (November 2004)
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Issue ¹ 0 (May 2005)
(special issue devoted on the 53rd Congress of the Liberal International, Sofia, May 12-14)


Theory and Practice
European Integration in the field of Freedom and Security – facts and dates

In Focus
53rd Liberal International Congress in Sofia

Faces from the 53rd Liberal International Congress

Exclusive for “2007” magazine:
The Leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe in the
European Parliament – Mr. Graham Watson on the issues of Freedom and Security

Liberal Europe:
Freedom and Security, the Liberal perspective - Daniel Tanahatoe, Political Advisor,
European Liberal, Democrat and Reform Party

Liberal Positions:
Liberalism, Freedom and Security
Issue ¹ 0 (May 2005)
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Issue ¹ 3 (May 2005)
"2007" magazin, third issue - THE MODERN EDUCATION

The Bologna process and the challenges in front Bulgaria in the context of the common European educational system

Economic and financial aspects of the modernization of education

The Students loans – an effective way for financing of university education?

The European Credit Transfer Systems (ETSC)

“The educational modernization is one of the main political issues today” – an interview with Daniel Valtchev, deputy chairmen of National Movement Simeon II (NMSII)

The education – political priority of NMSII till 2010

“One of the aims of the modernization of education is till 2010 in Bulgaria to be implemented the basis of knowledge-based economy” – an interview with Tatyana Kalkanova, MP of NMSII

The IT in the Bulgarian education

Bulgaria in the Europe of “life-long learning”

The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED)

The new enlarged Europe, open to its citizens and to world

Non-European educational structures – The Japan’s educational system

The Anglo-Saxon model of university education
Issue ¹ 3 (May 2005)
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Issue ¹ 5 (May 2006)
Issue 1, 2006 - find in the distribution network

Topic of the issue – Terrorists or Freedom Fighters

Theory and Practice
EU in fight with terrorism

Terrorism and modern technologies

Exclusive for “2007” magazine
Veselin Bliznakov, Minister of Defense of Republic of Bulgaria:
The Terrorism is an antipode of all values of the liberal democracies

Liberal Europe
How the EU Deals with Terrorism
Gijs De Vries, EU conter-terrorism coordinator

The Islam in Europe. Is a “European Islam” possible?
Islam in Europe – some examples
Separatism in Europe
The “Padania” case
ETA: “If you show that the bloodshed is necessary, you get almost full moral justification”
Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?

A View Outside Europe – Chinese Separatism
Issue ¹ 5 (May 2006)
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